Walmart/Imagine/Rubies Ghost Trap Smoke and Light Kit


Spirit Halloween/Walmart Ghost Trap smoke and lights

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Made to order kit to give Walmart/Spirit/Rubies Pedal operated*** Traps added lights and smoke effects including animated Bargraph.

Plug and play, no soldering required. You’ll need to drill or grind out a small area of your trap to mount the switch and pass through the new battery connection. A cover piece/template is provided for the switch. Comes assembled. Uses Glycerin and fog machine fluid to generate vapor, not actual smoke.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Smoke Compartment unit
  • 1 Relay board w/Power Switch and wiring
  • 1 Trap Lighting module (bargraph, red, yellow, compartment strobes, and beeper)
  • 1 Rear cover plate
  • 1 Bottle of smoke juice

Some photos show a button in the handle, this is simply the pedal button relocated to make it easier for me.

Instructions: WM_Trap_Smoke_Guide_v2

*Trap not included order one here: Rubies Pedal Trap

** Battery option does not include charger. A very basic but suitable charger can be found here: UNIVERSAL Battery Charger

***Designed for 6v, 1700mah NiMh battery. I recommend a UBEC/Voltage regulator for using higher voltage batteries example here: UBEC

****Mechanical button activated traps like the one sold by Spirit Halloween stores are not compatible with the V2. It must be a pedal activated version. Contact me for a custom kit if you have the non-pedal version.

Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in