Spirit/Rubies Halloween Proton Pack Cyclotron Upgrade


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3D printed parts to simplify cutting and replacing the Spirit-Rubies Halloween Proton Pack Cyclotron and bumper for a more accurate look. YOU WILL NEED TO CUT AND GRIND YOUR SPIRIT SHELL. ***Spirit/Rubies pack is not included. Only the custom pieces listed below.

Finishing work such as sanding and paint is required for the best result.

  • One Black 3D printed 85% cyclotron with mounting points for the Spirit, Spongeface, or Frankengeek Electronics. Window rings (included) are separate parts for easier sanding/painting.
  • One Black 3D printed 85% N-Filter
  • One Black 3D printed 85% Bumper with modification to conform to spirit shell.
  • One Black 3D printed Template/Filler panel.

Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in